An Introduction


Who am I and what’s this all about?

I am a 28 year old Northern Irish guy living in London.  I am trying to become a solid medium / long distance runner and wanted to keep a record of everything I am doing to improve.

I have been running for about three years.  I started out with a few Parkrun 5 km runs and a couple of 10 km runs, I then added the odd half marathon but was only doing ten miles a week and wasn’t really taking it seriously.  I have a job that requires that I work long hours so my training was previously pretty infrequent.  Things have gotten a lot better recently and I get more of a chance to run during the week which is nice.

In the last year I have been trying to improve my times, increase my stamina and get some PBs that I can really be proud of – I have had mixed results.

Am I a good runner?

My PBs are:

5 km – 19:28
10 km – 40:53
10 mile – 1:06:50
Half Marathon – 1:28:49
Marathon – 3:39:06

What do I want to achieve?

I am an incredibly inconsistent runner, one week I will do a PB half marathon and then the week after I struggle to get anywhere near the pace I want.  So much seems to depend on my mood on the day.  I have had three really bad races where I have ended up walking and have wanted to give up despite being in good shape (I will post in the future about some of my ups and downs over the last few years).

I want to get fitter and stronger (mentally and physically) so that I am a more consistent runner.  I think that if I can really ramp up my speed and stamina then I can improve my PBs significantly.  My ultimate goals are:

5km – 18:00
10km – 38:00
10 mile – 1:05:00
Half Marathon – 1:25:00
Marathon – 3:00:00

Let’s see how I get on…